Samuel John Peace



Age:                        21

Marital Status:     Single

Nationality:           British

Twitter:                 @sampeace91


BOOM! That is the noise of a headline becoming a headshot. Sharp piercing words penetrate and stick in the mind of the reader while they are subconsciously reeled in. That is what I want to achieve, and it is what I can offer. Whether you want a team player or someone to go it solo, I can prove I have what it takes to fulfil those roles. I’m equipped with plenty of perks and abilities to ensure I have the most flexible, up to date, and varied attributes as possible. If you want someone who is capable of jumping from platform to platform (and collecting all the gold coins along the way) then look no further.

I have a great proficiency when it comes to all relevant gaming hardware and social media sites. I can offer a unique, but utterly compelling writing style, which can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the target audience. I have a breadth of gaming knowledge with the modern era being my speciality. I am eager to learn more, gain experience, level up, and then spend those new skill points. All I ask is that you help give the gaming industry the innovation it needs by making me your chosen character. Here is my portfolio/blog: ( below you will see my stats.

Current Studies:

Journalism Multimedia NTCJ Accredited Diploma (finishes in June/July 2013). It includes:

  • Feature Writing
  • News Writing
  • Shorthand
  • Subbing & Proofreading
  • Design (double page spreads using InDesign & Photoshop)
  • Law
  • Public Affairs

Experience & Published Material:

For the past couple of years I have been building up my writing skills and have since written for a few websites. I am constantly in search of more publications in order to get myself known.

Pokéjungle ( is a fan site with an average of # visitors per day. I’ve published 5 articles so far, but have plenty more in the works.

Brighton Lite ( has a huge variety of material from local journalists such as features, news and sports. It has an average of # visitors per day. So far I have 3 articles up on it (with one re-blogged), but more will come.

Academic Qualifications:

  • BTEC National Certificate in I-Media (Worth 2 A Levels).
  • AS in Media Studies.
  • General Science GCSE Double Award (double B pass awarded in all areas).
  • Mathematics GCSE (B pass all aspects of mathematics covered).
  • ICT GCSE Double Award (double C pass).
  • English GCSE (C pass).
  • English Literature GCSE (C pass).
  • Media Studies GCSE (C pass).
  • D&T: Graphic Products GCSE (D pass).
  • History GCSE (D pass).
  • Religious Studies Short Course GCSE (C pass).

Acquired Skills & Knowledge:

  • I’m a huge gaming fan who owns all current generation consoles, some older consoles, a gaming laptop, a smart phone and a tablet. I have gained a massive amount of knowledge through playing & reading about games. I am always up to date with the latest news within the industry.
  • I can professionally use all Microsoft Office tools including: Word, PowerPoint & Excel.
  • I’ve written articles for several websites (one of which took me on because I won a writing competition).
  • I have gained experience in the following software: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Windows Movie Maker & DVD Studio Pro.
  • I have experience in dealing with the public due to my part time jobs at Paradise Park & Sainsburys.
  • I’ve used online site/blog makers to create websites and blogs.

Previous & Current Employment:

Paradise Park (2008 – 2010) – Avis Road, Newhaven, East Sussex, BN9 0DH, 01273 512123. Worked as a cashier & a labourer.

Sainsburys Crowborough (2010 – 2012) – Crowborough Hill, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2EG, 01892 611855. Worked as a baker.

Sainsburys Old Steine (2012 – Current) – 13-15 Old Steine, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1EJ, 01273 819110. Working as a cashier & a labourer.


Primary (1997 – 2002) – Hoddern Junior School.

Secondary (2002 – 2007) – Priory School Lewes, Mountfield Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2XH, 01273 483188. Full curriculum was studied.

College (2007 – 2009) – Sussex Downs College, Mountfield Road, Lewes, East Sussex. Studied I-Media BTEC National Certificate & Media Studies AS.

College (2012 – 2013) – City College Brighton & Hove, Pelham Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 4FA, 01273 667788. Studied Journalism Multimedia NTCJ Accredited Diploma.

Hobbies, Interests & Memberships:

Video games (all platforms & genres), sports (mainly football, rugby & tennis), music, technology, computers, films (mainly action & comedy), and writing (mainly features & poetry).

Random Facts:

  • I once had a character design published in the Pokémon World magazine.
  • I used to do early morning weekend paper rounds when I was 15.
  • I completed a week of work experience at Hoddern Junior School as a classroom assistant.
  • I reached blue stripe in karate (2-3 from black).
  • I found a dinosaur bone on the Isle of Wight.

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