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The Golden (& Silver) Age Is Back!

18 Jan


CoroCoro leaks reveal the first details & images of the long awaited Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver games in all its splendour. There are only 4 pages to dissect but there is enough there to whet your appetite and plenty of gorgeous art work to drool over, so make sure you have a napkin at the ready.

The first double page spread unveils the updated look of the games protagonists. As you can see, Ethan is once again the male choice and he retains his striking ultra ball-esque cap. He looks as though he’s run off a few pounds since we last saw him too, whilst his clothes are more modern and much lighter looking. The Pokégear makes a jubilant return with a much more futuristic look, as if it’s been taken out of a sci-fi movie. The female counterpart however, is a completely new character. Fans of the originals may remember that the female choice was only available in Crystal and that her name was Kris. She had some sort of vibrant blue/green spiked up pigtailed hair, and wore a sporty outfit that consisted of a pair of bright yellow shorts, a red top and a white jacket. This time around, people will instead play as a girl named Lyra who as you can see dresses a lot like Mario, minus the jeans, red cap and moustache. She looks a lot less boisterous than Kris and in some ways reminds me of May from the Pokémon Advanced series.

Other than the two protagonists, the first couple of pages also show off numerous in game screenshots. Foremost the upper right image next to Ethan shows two extremely exciting aspects, the obvious one being the graphical overhaul to make it look like the D/P/Pt games. However the more enticing part of this image is the Pokémon. Noticed it? Anyone who has played Pokémon Yellow will know how awesome it was seeing Pikachu follow you about (until you swapped him for a stronger Pokémon). Could this be the same thing but with all Pokémon? Only time will tell but it looks promising. The other two pictures on this page show off what looks to be the stylised interior of the Bellsprout Tower, and the selection process for your starter (with a splendid 3D look). The final screenshot which is next to Lyra showcases some form of menu on the touch screen, which will probably be used for your bag, Pokédex, game save and so forth.

The final double page spread is filled with generation two concept art by the legendary Ken Sugimori. The Pokémon have been brushed up to today’s standards and look visibly stunning. There is a sole screenshot in the bottom right corner of the last page which shows off the Slowpoke Well and a Team Rocket grunt.

So that is all for this month’s CoroCoro, hopefully we will get it translated soon so we may uncover more from these pages.  But for now let’s recap and discuss our findings:

  • Male protagonist Ethan returns with an updated look.
  • There is a new female protagonist named Lyra.
  • The game is made with the D/P/Pt engine.
  • It looks like your main Pokémon follows you around in the game.
  • The interior of the Bellsprout Tower looks stylised in some way.
  • The selection process takes place on the touch screen with some nice 3D balls.
  • Ken Sugimori has updated all of the generation two Pokémon so that they mix in with the current generations.
  • Team Rocket returns (seen outside Slowpoke Well).

What are your thoughts? Do you like the new snazzy apparel? Would you like to be stalked by your Pokémon? Do you like big 3D balls? Leave your comments below 🙂

-Sam Peace


Pokémon: It Doesn’t Matter if you’re Black or White

18 Jan


Today, Pokémon Smash revealed that you will be able to play B&W2 in a retro black and white pixelated perspective just like in the original games on the Gameboy. This revelation has sent fans wild with anticipation after the initial announcement of B&W2 left some fans feeling a bit Sceptile (see what I did there!?). The unfortunate news is that you will have to beat the Elite 4 before it becomes available in the game menu (where you go to start/load the game). However we are promised a full render that will unlock the nostalgia factor in long term fans. “It is a thank you for sticking by the series for all these years” said Satoshi Tajiri when he was briefly interviewed on the show. He also went on to say that there are more “surprises” awaiting for long term fans. What could he mean? Will it be an old region? Or could an old enemy be returning? For now though, this is all we have to go on. What do you make of this shocking but exciting news? One person said to me “This is more epic than Arceus, Mewtwo & Deoxys all merging into one Pokémon!!”, another simply said “This is better than Piloswine bacon :D”. Please note we do not tolerate cruelty to Pokémon and this person has now been reported to the RSPCA. Leave your thoughts & comments below.

-Sam Peace

The Tragic Tribulations of a Secret Agent’s Daughter

18 Jan


Many of us think of James Bond when we hear the word ‘secret agent’; his name has become synonymous with the very definition of said term. Full of intense espionage with deception, cunning, and danger at the forefront of the job, there is a lot to keep him busy. Adding the fact that he is also incredibly stylish, then it’s not hard to see why the character has so much appeal, and why being an MI5 operative is a captivating thought. So being the son or daughter of a person who plays the exact same rollercoaster role, but in real life, should surely be an exciting prospect?

Well Verity Sharpe, daughter of an MI5 agent, tells us of her traumatic childhood and how being the offspring of a spy had ruined her life before it even began. Born in 1988, Verity lived in Wales with her parents until she was 14. She and her mother were both unaware of her father’s line of work, and they rarely saw him. All became apparent however, after an arson attack on their home killed Verity’s mother. This forced both her and her father to flee to Dubai. “I didn’t know what was going on. My dad dragged me into the car and drove off without telling me where Mum was,” she said. Verity spent two years in hiding under a new identity but was forced to flee again when their hideout came under attack. Her dad packed her off to England but never came with her. “He promised he would catch the next flight but that was the last time I saw him.”

Life went from bad to worse when Verity got into a violent relationship with a drug addict in order to get a roof over her head. She suffered abuse for five years, and in that time she gave birth to Jeanne her daughter. Verity and her boyfriend were living in a council house in Moulsecoomb, and were mainly surviving on benefits. However, disaster struck when her violent lover was arrested and convicted for drug dealing. Because of this she lost her housing benefit along with the money her partner was bringing in from his dodgy dealings. Worse still are the austerity cuts which have eaten into her remaining benefits. “I don’t have enough money to pay the rent, but I can’t work because I need to look after Jeanne, and no one will give me a chance. I’m being evicted this month if I don’t pay up, and now the social are threatening to take away my baby. I can’t let this happen.”

If you have any questions or information regarding Verity’s story then please email us at: [insert email]

-Sam Peace

2012 Christmas Events

18 Jan


Christmas events in Sussex will be starting this November with events being held at Michelham Priory, Weald and Download Museum, and Goodwood Racecourse.

To start things off Michelham Priory is having a Christmas Fair on the weekend of November 10th and 11th.

There will be a large number of stalls with gifts for all ages and a chance to meet Santa is available for £1.50.

Entry is £4.00 for adults and £2.50 for children (this weekend only); while there is also a park and ride from Arlington Stadium available for £1 per person.

Further details can be found at:

Next up we have the Rare Brand Christmas Market at Goodwood Racecourse, just outside of Chichester on the 14th and 15th of November.

There will be more than 40 “rare brands” which includes things such as art, fashion, vintage toys, and much more.

The event also includes a gift-wrapping service and workshops so you can even make your own Christmas presents!

With two spacious levels and a fantastic view of the South Downs and the south coast, there is plenty of beauty to behold while shopping.

More information is available at:

Last but not least we have a Christmas Market at Weald and Download Museum on November 17th and 18th.

It will be open from 10:30am to 4pm and will have festive music with seasonal food which includes hot chestnuts and hog roast.

There will be over 120 different stands with plenty of offerings including art, crafts, food, unusual gifts, and much more.

An opportunity to meet the working donkeys and horses will also be available throughout the day which is a great treat for the children.

Entrance is reduced for these days with tickets only costing £3.50 per person with free admission to museum friends.

For further details visit:

-Sam Peace

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