Virizion’s Vision: Ghostly Concepts

18 Jan


The time has come once again to lock all the doors, close all the windows, and to cower in the corner in fear as grotesque monstrosities come towards you. That’s right, my articles are back.

Now usually I love seasonal celebrations, but on this occasion I’m a bit of a grumpy old sod. By that I mean I don’t enjoy or celebrate Halloween like most people do. To me it’s just an excuse for kids to bully old people for sweets, or money by scaring the living daylights out of them. However, the horror theme does provide Ghost and Dark Pokémon a chance to show off their awesomeness. Over the years we have seen plenty of inspired designs make it into the series. Plenty of them have deep meaningful backgrounds such as Yamask, and Cofagrigus which Mechanos covered a few days ago. Every generation we get some new takes on ghost and monster like creatures which span from centuries of myths, and legends from around the globe. We’ve had a doppelganger, a gas spirit, a possessed doll, and a werewolf just to name a few. So with all these great ideas how does Gamefreak top this? What myths, legends, or horror themed objects can they use to create a new menace for us to capture? Here are a few thoughts:


This traditional Halloween fruit is something I’ve seen a lot of Fakémon based on when scrolling through deviantArt. The menacing grin usually carved into it is a fantastic look. The myth which says the pumpkin is used to ward off demons gives it a great background story too. I think mixing this with a scarecrow could make for one awesomely terrifying creature. With scarecrows also being used for protective means, it would make for a great combination. It could be a glowing red pumpkin head on top of a scarecrow body. It could possibly look similar to Cacturne. Typing could be any two of Ghost, Dark, Grass, and Fire if you consider the flame lit head and the haystack body. This is just one idea for the pumpkin, but if you were to look on the web you’ll find plenty of other inspiring ideas. How would you approach this theme?


Jack in the Box:

This is a brilliant example of what innocently started out as a prank toy, but has now become a common horror icon. The tension you get when you wind up the box and you have no idea when the object inside is going to pop out is incredibly unnerving. Usually it’s some sort of frightening looking jester/clown which just adds to the scare after the initial jump. My primary thought was of an evil clown. Although we already have clown like Pokémon (Mr. Mime and Mime Jr.) neither of them were based on terror, but after reading about Cofagrigus (again courtesy of Mechanos) the jack in the box idea suddenly occurred. The sarcophagus is pretty much just a fancy box with a Pharaoh usually inside. If you added a spring mechanic and a wind up key, then it would kind of be similar to a jack in the box, just with bodily remains flying out at you instead. The solid state of this box gives this Ghost type high defences which makes it rather unique compared to the rest of the spiritual monsters. The jack in the box idea could work in the same way, with it having high defences. However, to put a twist on it, I was thinking of a second ‘form’ where it’s in its ‘popped up’ stance. Instead of having high defences, it could have high attacks instead. As for typing perhaps the box could be steel so we get a ghost/steel combo? What are your thoughts on this?


Zombie/Mind Control/Possession:

Now some of you may roll your eyes and sigh in apathy due to the saturation of zombies in the games industry these days. Some of you may even know that there already is a ‘zombie’ Pokémon – named Parasect. However I feel that the idea is still largely unexplored within the series. Now because the games are rated E for everyone, we can’t expect a new pocket monster to look all mangled with its brains hanging out etc. But a zombie doesn’t have to be a half rotten corpse; you could have a skeleton or a being which does not have self control. The game could do with something which is scary and has a great story behind it; something more obvious than the aforementioned Parasect. I haven’t got a particular design in mind for this one, but another idea is some sort of possession. We already have Banette to fill that role, however, because he’s an object he doesn’t have any past life which makes him interesting (other than being a plush doll). Having a creature or person being possessed would make things far more chilling. Knowing they used to lead a normal life before being taken over by an evil entity is what horror is all about. For example the iconic creepy little girl from Bioshock is quite eerie what with her glowing eyes which seemingly stare into your soul.


So there you have it, my ghostly concepts. What are your thoughts on not only my ideas, but the ghost and horror genre as a whole? What designs and themes do you have, and want implemented into the series?

P.S. Sorry I have been absent for a while, college work has kept me very busy. I was never truly gone though; I just haven’t had the time to contribute to the site directly (however I’m always active in staff discussions). Anyhow enough of my excuses, see you next time.

-Sam Peace


Medical Marvels – Coronary Heart Bypass

18 Jan

H1 - Living with Angina

Modern day health care has evolved at a phenomenal rate over the past hundred years. New technology and a greater knowledge of what can be done with the human body have helped create some major success stories; stories which sound like miracles. These days however, what used to be seen as quite miraculous has now just become a “common practice” or a “standard operation”. One such surgical procedure is the Coronary Heart Bypass (CHB) surgery.

As the name suggests the CHB surgery is focused on the heart and the flow of the blood. Coronary is the name given to the arteries which directly feed into the heart. The term bypass is used in its literal sense which is to ‘avoid’ or to ‘go around’. A build up in the arteries of a fatty substance called Atheroma is the reason a CHB is needed. If left untreated then the build up could eventually lead to full blockages and blood clots, which in turn can often cause fatal heart attacks and strokes. The CHB surgery is an option which will create a diversion for the blood flow enabling it to avoid the blockage altogether, and to reach the heart without any problems.

Ray Peace a 76 year old man from Bognor Regis recently underwent a quadruple CHB. He had a vein which was the length between his groin and his ankle taken out of his leg in order to create the four new routes needed. However, despite having this high risk and complex operation he was walking again two days later. He was then discharged from hospital only seven days after he had the surgery. Six weeks have passed since the operation and he is nearly fully active again. He has daily exercises, takes regular walks, and has checkups once a week. He has also started driving again and he plans to restart his daily swimming routine around Christmas time.

He said “I’m pretty much back to normal now. The experience was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, and I didn’t feel too much pain afterwards. In fact the only pain I have now is in my leg where they took out the vein. I usually take painkillers before bed, but the past few days I haven’t”. He went on to say: “My last check up is at the end of November, so hopefully I can start swimming again after that. It all depends on my blood pressure and how my chest muscles are.”

Although the CHB procedure is very dangerous, the survival rate in the UK as of 2009 is as high as 98%. Even if it’s not classed as miraculous, it’s still pretty impressive.

-Sam Peace

Virizion’s Vision: Alternate Genre

18 Jan


Sammy here with another “Alternate” article. This time however, things are a little different. Rather than discussing an in game feature I wanted to think outside the box. I would like to talk about the game as a whole, more specifically the style of play. The interactive features of a game are what differentiates it from a movie. Without this predominant component games would cease to exist. Pokémon has relied on its Role Playing Game (RPG) Turn Based mechanic for its main series since the very beginning. This play style started simple, but over the years it has been given more depth so it would appeal to a broader audience.

Gamefreak have worked very hard to strike a balance between the casual, hardcore, young, and older players. It has created a system which is easy to learn but hard to master. To us Pokémon veterans it may not seem too difficult, however if you’re teaching someone who is new to the entire series, and you tell them about every aspect of the gameplay then their minds would likely melt. Over the years features have been added, and the gameplay has been tweaked. Some people complain about the system staying the same, that it’s time for something new and fresh. But let’s be honest Pokémon wouldn’t be the same magical experience we all know and love if they took this setup away. This is where spinoffs come into the picture…


Ever since Pokémon became a phenomenon it has spawned spinoffs here, there, and everywhere. In the early days you had classics such as Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap on the home consoles; to Pokémon Pinball and Pokémon Trading Card Game (one of my all time favourites which NEEDS a sequel) on the Gameboy. These days unfortunately the home consoles have been largely ignored. The GameCube era gave fans real hope of a fully fledged 3D adventure with the releases of colosseum and XD; however they never provided the freedom people wanted. Nevertheless they were great games, and it looked much more promising for the future.

But then came the Wii, needless to say it didn’t deliver. Battle Revolution was a watered down Stadium whilst PokéPark was a light hearted adventure aimed at the younger audience, and focused more on mini games. To rub salt into the wound Nintendo stated that the main series would always be on a handheld, so it is unlikely we’ll ever get a similar game on a home console. But don’t cry just yet since new Pokémon spinoffs are still coming out thick and fast, so there is always hope. In fact Nintendo’s next generation console the “Wii U” offers a lot of promise due to its inventive new controller the “Wii U Pad”. Theoretically this makes the home console like a giant DS. What this means is that there is not only opportunity for new types of experiences, but also there is a great chance to put successful handheld franchises onto the console. So once again there is hope.


So whilst it is mostly bleak on the home console front, it is the complete opposite for the handheld as Pokémon games are booming. We’ve seen recent spinoffs on the DS turn into franchises (Pokémon Ranger & Mysterious Dungeon), and there have been numerous other experiments too including Pokémon Conquest. The aforementioned game is an important step in the series because it’s the first time (other than the cameos in the Smash Bros series) that Pokémon has been mixed with another game. The game is essentially Nobunaga’s Ambition with Pokémon elements mixed in. It takes place in a fictional region called Ransei which is set during the war torn states of feudal Japan. You are tasked with unifying all 17 kingdoms in order to bring peace to the land. It is a turn based game which feels reminiscent of Advances Wars and Fire Emblem.

What makes the game stand out is the fact that the warriors from the Nobunaga series not only act like Pokémon trainers, but are actually involved in the battles too. Now I don’t mean they are stabbing the likes of Jigglypuff to death or anything sinister like that. Rather they are passively involved by the way of powering up their Pokémon during battle. They can also level up and evolve too just like their counterparts. It is the link between a warrior and his Pokémon that is key to being successful during the game. The same can be said for the partnership between Gamefreak and Tecmo Koei, as this is the key to this game being successful. Now the reason I talked about this spinoff was because I wanted to highlight the partnership between the two companies, and their two games. Conquest is a big step as it shows that Gamefreak are prepared to cooperate with other develops to bring something new to Pokémon. This excites me as a fan since we could potentially see a mash up with any game (though many are unlikely), and we could see Pokémon dip into some new genres. So finally here is the main focus, if Pokémon was to try a new genre what would it be, and how would it work?



Now before you boo and hiss at the very thought of an FPS, or the very mention of Call of Duty (COD) let me explain myself. I’m not for one second suggesting we give Pikachu a gun, or turn Garbodor into a bigger freak of nature than it already is. I’m merely speculating on how we could control a Pokémon from the first person perspective, and to use their powers to battle. The reason I parodied the titles of COD and Bioshock is because they’re two iconic series which offer two VERY different modern FPS experiences. One is mainly a competitive shooter which relies on quick reflexes, whilst the other focuses on single player storytelling, combining shooting with supernatural powers.

Bioshock is probably the more feasible option (think Pokémon setting with Bioshock gameplay elements). They could implement the move sets in a similar way to how Bioshock handles its powers. This means you could shoot out a Thunderbolt or a Flamethrower in the same manner as shooting out plasmids, but minus the hands (check YouTube if you want to see how Bioshock is played). Now I don’t know how the others moves could work, and I know it may sound a bit too farfetched; however I haven’t been thinking about it for hours on end, this is just an idea which happened to pop into my head. It also made sense to mention the genre due to the mass market it has in the industry. I mean what if you did mix the most popular genre with (in my bias opinion) the best series on the planet? It could it be out of this world…



I’m sure some of you saw this one coming, but with the likes of Mario and Sonic having their own kart racers it kind of makes sense for Pokémon to have one. It may sound like a shameful cash in idea, however with the right amount of effort it could be ace. Imagine having Pokémon themed tracks with all the nostalgic music you know and love. You could race through famous cities, caves, and routes etc where you have different distractions happening in the background. For items you could have a Pokéball which catches the racer in front, and makes them have to rapidly tap A to escape. You could have X Speed to make you faster temporarily.

You could also have moves such as Earthquake which could bring all racers in front of you to a momentary halt; or Teleport to get you back in the race if you’re far behind. Though there would be a challenge to decide what the roster of playable characters should be, each one could have its own signature attack. You could even have flying races with the likes of Charizard racing Salamence for example. Now I know there was a game called Pokémon Dash for the DS which was a racer (does anyone remember?). However it was a top down game that relied on the player using their stylus to make the Pokémon run. It was decent fun, but would be better as a mini game for the main series. In fact it was probably part of the inspiration for the Pokéathlon.


I could go on forever about the potential crossovers or genre changes that could happen, but then this would be an even longer article than it already is. Besides I want you to do all the hard work, and discuss what you would like to see happen. So what genre should Pokémon attempt to try? What crossovers could work? What about the age old question – Pokémon Smash Bros or Pokémon Fighter 4? Starring all your favourite fighting Pokémon. I leave it up to you. Let the battles commence!

-Sam Peace

Virizion’s Vision: Alternate Villains

18 Jan


Sammydodger here again with another Virizion’s Vision: Alternate article. This will hopefully be a mini-series in which we will view core Pokémon elements from a new perspective.

Prepare for trouble and make it double… okay maybe quintuple since there have now been five villainous organizations threatening the stability of the Pokémon world with in the main games. With each new generation we always expect to not only see new things, but also returning traditions. Who will be the new professor? Who will be the new Elite 4? Who will be the new villains? These are just a few examples of the main staples which form the Pokémon series. Today, I would like us to discuss the roles which the antagonists play during the stories; and what makes them fit within the Pokémon universe. To begin with, I’ll give a brief outline of each of the five criminal syndicates, followed by a few ideas of what could make a good alternate/future villain.

Team Rocket: The original bad guys are famed all over the world mostly due to the incompetent Jessie, James and Meowth from the anime. However, they’ve also made a big impact in the games too. They’re the only gang to appear in two generations and two regions. This makes them quite memorable, especially to veteran Pokémon players. Their main goals include world domination whilst making a tidy profit by stealing and/or exploiting Pokémon. This alone probably makes them the cruellest and most heartless of the 5 enemy groups. They were led by infamous leader Giovanni whom you meet at several points in R/B/Y. He is also the 8th gym leader, once beaten however you never see him again. In G/S/C, Team Rocket reform under the leadership of some admins. Their main goal is to bring back Giovanni so that he can return the gang to its former glory. However, their plans ultimately fall flat and you don’t get to see the big man himself. But in the remakes HG/SS you get to go back in time and visit Tohjo Falls where the Rocket boss resides. There you have a showdown which helps prevent him from rejoining Team Rocket. You also discover that your rival throughout your adventures in G/S/C is actually the Giovanni’s son!


Team Magma/Team Aqua: The third generation of Pokémon games R/S/E are probably the most unique when it comes to villainous organizations. There were two rival gangs whose opposite ideals made them clash and battle for supremacy. Depending on the version you played one gang would be your enemy, and one would be your ally (unless you played Emerald in which case you battled against the two of them). Both had similar aims; however they were very opposite at the same time. Magma wanted to expand the land mass using the power of Groudon; whilst Aqua wanted to expand the sea using the power of Kyogre. Unlike Team Rocket who specialised in “annoying” Pokémon, Magma used fire types and Aqua used water types (though there were still some annoying Pokémon mixed in). A weird thing to point out is that despite Aqua having the type advantage, both gangs were actually evenly matched. Once again you would battle them at different points during the game. Their plans are much more extreme than Team Rockets, and could be deemed more evil; however the reasons behind their desired expansions are far more understandable (though equally as barmy). They want to improve the way of life for both humans and Pokémon alike. Unfortunately neither considers the possible repercussions of their actions, so alas you must stop them.


Team Galactic: Generation four bought us Team Galactic; a bunch of space age geeks who are surprisingly ruthless which is reminiscent of Team Rocket though they have a slightly more intelligent look. Their main objective was to harness the power of time and space using the Sinnoh region legendary’s Dialga and Palkia. They would then use this power to destroy/recreate the whole Pokémon universe. Unfortunately for this futuristic themed syndicate they were too ambitious, and as is tradition they succumb to failure. This is most definitely the wackiest and most extreme plot to date within the main Pokémon games. It is quite similar to Magma’s and Aqua’s plans, but it’s on a grander scale. The reason for their madness is down to their leader Cyrus, whom believes there is too much “strife” in the world due to the humans having a “weak and incomplete” spirit. He thinks that mankind has ruined the planet through years of war and hostility. He dreams of a fresh start where he can rewrite history. However, once again he doesn’t consider the consequences, and his power mad ego is sent packing by the player. What is it with all these mad men? It’s just as well no one in real life has found a way of destroying the world… yet.


Team Plasma: With Galactic plotting the most absurd scheme possible, how could Plasma top it and become more interesting? Well for starters picking a more realistic target helps, however they surprised us all with a plan that actually made sense and made them look more heroic than immoral. Their ambition was to free Pokémon from humans. Led by a young guy named N, Team Plasma sought a new way of life where Pokémon and humans existed separately. Now you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a cover up for a much more devious strategy, however N is genuine in his mission for ultimate freedom. Although his views are very just, they were sadly misguided by a man named Ghetsis. N was raised by this man from a young age where he was bought up alongside Pokémon, and had little contact with humanity. Ghetsis who was the leader of the Seven Sages (a rank with in Team Plasma) manipulated N by making him believe humans were harming Pokémon, and that it was his destiny to save them. Once old enough, N was given leadership of the organization. With his newly granted power, it was your task to stop him. To make him realize the bond humanity shares with Pokémon, and the love the species have for one another. You have to prove to N that the majority of people care for Pokémon and vice versa. You eventually manage to make him understand, however Ghetsis’s true colours come to light when he sees N’s change of heart. He reveals how he was using N’s good nature to help rid the planet of trainers, so then Ghetsis would be the only person with Pokémon left, thus allowing him to take over the world as a dictator. Once you stop him, N simply disappears into the sunset, and Plasma is no more… for now.


Over the years we’ve seen some terrific villains with some outrageous goals, and with B&W we saw our first ever anti-villains (with the exception of Ghetsis). The one problem is how can they create something new and unique? How can they top what they’ve already done? Well what about having an organization that already has control of the region? We’ve seen numerous attempts where the bad guys have tried to take over in some form or another, so this would create an immediate twist to the story which in turn could give the game a much darker tone. Perhaps all the gym leaders, Elite 4 and champion could be part of this new gang, but it might be unknown to the player until he/she reaches the conclusion of their journey. For once the enemies would have achieved their major aims. You wouldn’t be trying to prevent them; instead you would be fighting for your freedom. This curve ball could create numerous story arcs with endless possibilities. So what name and costume could they have? We’ve already had Team “Rocket” and “Galactic” so continuing with the space like theme we could use the cheesy Team “Universe”. Another idea is something like Team “Victory” since they have total control. Again there is vast potential when it comes to names and costumes, but I’ll leave the ideas up to you.

There is plenty of promise for future villainy, however I’ve babbled on for too long and you need your chance to have your say. Please don’t be afraid to comment, I love hearing your ideas and I welcome constructive feedback. Until next time though, good day to you!

-Sam Peace

Virizion’s Vision: Alternate B2/W2 Storylines

18 Jan


Little over a year ago Black & White stormed onto our shelves; it included new features, improvements, changes, plus even more Pokémon. One of the more prominent advancements was the evolution of the storyline; it added a layer of emotional depth, something I feel Pokémon has never truly managed to capture in the past. For once the game questioned my morality as a character. Am I really doing the right thing? Should I be using Pokémon to battle? Is this just cruelty?

You start the game as you always would, a new trainer who wants to become a Pokémon master. You travel across the region of Unova, battle 8 gyms, and gain 8 badges. You then gain entry to the Pokémon League, beat the Elite 4, and ultimately become the best there ever was. But life is never that simple, there is always a bunch of bad guys in funny outfits who get in your way, and want to take over the world in some form or another. However, in B/W there is a twist! The antagonist group “Team Plasma”, and their leader “N” actually want to save the world from the likes of you, and every other Pokémon trainer around. What makes it more shocking is that their ideals make complete and utter sense. Their reasoning actually made me think I was in some way a villain, and not them. But with the linearity of the games I had to pursue this path, and with each defeat of N I felt guiltier, and slightly mean (to put it in a polite way), but guess what? I loved it.

N’s dream is to set Pokémon free from humans, a separate existence so they don’t have to be enslaved anymore. His motives came about when he was young. He grew up around Pokémon, and was raised by a man named Ghetsis. He was led to believe humans were harming Pokémon, also that capturing, and training Pokémon was morally wrong too. Once he was old enough, Ghetsis made N the leader of Team Plasma, this gave N the power to put his extremist views into fruition. Unfortunately Ghetsis was not all as he seemed; it turned out that he was manipulating N to do his dirty work in a bid for world domination.  Although N’s beliefs were well meant, and innocent; he lacked knowledge; furthermore he was blinded by the deception of Ghetsis. After learning of the betrayal, plus Ghetsis’s defeat & arrest, N flew off into the sunset on the Reshiram/Zekrom he managed to obtain near the end of the game. That was the last we saw of him until now…

Now with the release of B2/W2 in Japan, and the not so distant western release; we can finally see if they can give us the same type of experience as before. For the first time since the release of Gold & Silver we will finally get a continued story. Many of us thought we had seen the last of N & Team Plasma, and that the “inevitable” third version would contain only the original plot with a few extra scenes thrown in for good measure. The great thing about these sequels is that we’ll get a whole new story; with this the wild speculation of what happened to N, Team Plasma, and the rest of the characters will begin.

Now some of you may already know what happens through importing, emulation or from various online sites. However, it’ll still be fun to come up with ideas for what would make a great story. Here’s my two cents/my two pennies worth (or any other currency you may have):

Ghetsis has escaped from custody, he reforms Team Plasma, and plots a new way of taking over Unova by using the powers of Kyurem. N meanwhile learns of the reformation, and comes out of hiding in order to stop him. This all happens when your new protagonist starts his/hers adventure. In most games you usually only have your Mum who contacts you every so often throughout your journey (with the exception of the 3rd gen where your Dad is a gym leader). This time perhaps, we could see your Mum and/or Dad play a bigger part. However, continuing with the main plot for now; we could see Team Plasma kidnap Professor Juniper & Bianca, so they can use their knowledge to help locate, and then capture Kyurem. This alongside numerous Team Plasma public demonstrations will spur you on making you want to stop them.  Half way through your quest you could meet N. You decide to work with him to help thwart Ghetsis’s plots, as well as to help rescue Professor Juniper & Bianca. Unfortunately Ghetsis manages to seize control of Kyurem, ends up freezing half of Unova, and he imprisons all of Unova’s most powerful trainers (Gym Leaders, Elite 4 & Champion). With Unova under his control he turns the Pokémon League into his own fortress. Hiding at the top, he plans his next conquest.

You & N are now the only two who can stop him; N (who still has a Reshiram/Zekrom) tells you to find the other trainer who has the Ying to his Yang. That’s right, you have to track down B/W’s protagonist, and get him/her to help you. Once found you all travel to the fortress where N & the other protagonist hold off Kyurem whilst you enter to find Ghetsis. Before you get to him however, 4 Plasma generals stand in your way… Enter the Plasma Elite 4! In typical league style, you must dispatch each one at a time without healing. Once done you finally get to fight Ghetsis (again without healing). If you manage to defeat him, Kyurem will appear to challenge you. Kyurem would have now sensed the weakness of Ghetsis, realizing he was not the chosen one after all despite him being able to locate the legendary’s resting place. You proceed to have a showdown with Kyurem, which is where you finally have a chance you capture him. However, for now this is where I hand over to you. Though this plot may seem slightly bog standard (with the exception of the Plasma Elite 4), I wanted you readers to be the ones to envision the best ideas. What alternate story/ending can you come up with? Will there be major twists for N, the protagonist, or any of the other cast? Last of all, what makes a great story line, and how can you make it feel like it belongs in the Pokémon universe? Let the controversy begin, and leave your thoughts in the comments box below!

P.S. Sorry if it’s too long! Thank you for all your support on this site, please remember to visit for more in depth discussion with the Pokéjungle community.

-Sam Peace

Pokéjungle Final Round

18 Jan


As the sun arises I crack my hands, and ready my weapon. Mind focused with tea in hand, “This is it” I thought. Many have fallen these past few weeks, but as the final battle approaches an end is in sight. Will it be the end I dream of? Only you can decide.

Why should you choose me?

What makes Pokéjungle so great is its community spirit; it differentiates itself from other Pokémon sites by the way it interacts with its readers. Most places just talk AT you, and treat you as followers; I find that Pokéjungle talks TO you, and anyone can be a leader. This sense of equality can only be achieved by the topics that are created here. Everyone who is left in the competition possesses the skills to initiate an adrenaline filled discussion. However I feel I stand apart with my unique humour and quirkiness which I always try to incorporate into my articles. As demonstrated by my Castform article and the CoroCoro leaks (article #8), I have a distinctive style which I hope is both refreshing, and interesting to read. I’m always looking to improve, learn, and challenge myself with every new piece I write. I take on board all criticisms, so eventually I can perfect my imperfections. My mind is always bursting with new ideas which I feel could benefit the community, and make this already fun place even more entertaining.


With the growing number of Pokémon fan sites, and the growth of Pokéjungle, it makes sense to think of new ways to connect with the audience. With 3 extra staff members to help soon with the work load, there is ample opportunity to expand upon the content that is already offered on this site. New daily/weekly columns can be integrated to feed the hungry minds of us fans whilst we wait, for the next bit of juicy news. Here are a few things I would love to implement if I was permitted:

Meloetta’s Montage:

This would be a regular Photoshop event (you are not limited to Photoshop) where you are given a theme from which you must create a clever and/or funny image. For example the theme could be “photography”, so someone could have an image of a Pokémon taking a picture of a human (to convey ironic humour). But another person might put a Pokémon in a pose to make it look as if it’s in a model photo shoot. The entries can be collected during the course of the week, and at the end we’ll show off the top 10 (or more if there are many good ones). I’m sure some of you are aware of a similar activity being used on a popular gaming blog; however this one would be solely Pokémon themed. I think this idea, though not original is still a great way to keep people entertained. Even if people don’t, or can’t take part it’ll still be fun for them to see what others can come up with. We could even have a drawing only activity called “Ditto’s Doodle”.

Virizion’s Vision:

The Pokémon games are so expansive these days that there are always plenty of new ideas fans want to see implemented into the series. For this activity we could collect people’s thoughts, and discuss them in greater detail. We could have idea of the day/week for example. This task would create a great buzz, and would be great for those who are not into Meloetta’s Montage, or Ditto’s Doodles.

These are just some of the ideas I have rattling around in my head. I feel that with these added activities and more, this could help make sure that Pokéjungle stays the number 1 place for Pokémon fans all over. Some could argue that there needs to be databases, and competitive sections etc to rival the other sites, but this isn’t what Pokéjungle is about. We are a community, a big family where all we want to do is to share stories, and have fun with one another. That’s not to say we can’t have those features, I just want to help maintain what makes this site great. I believe we can co-exist with the others because what we have here is special, and no one can take that away from us.

Who else should be in the top 3?

Finding out who wrote what didn’t really make my decisions any easier. All the articles are great, and while some are better than others in round 1, round 2 was a complete turnaround. However for me there is one stand out person who has a bit of everything, and would fit in well with Pokéjungle.

He/she created the bullet pointed (#11) and Chatot articles. Now I probably don’t have to go into too much detail with their first article as it stands out so much. The bullet point idea is very simple, but it is the most efficient way to deliver new information. Why didn’t I use it? Well I thought it may be too risky to have a lack of constructive paragraphs in the first round, so instead I put a recap at the end to make up for it. Obviously I was wrong in doing so as they won the majority of the votes. Nevertheless, what they wrote is great; he/she analysed and picked out the information well. They proved that simplicity is sometimes the best course of action. Also the hide/show tag they have implemented is a very thoughtful touch, especially as the information is all spoilers.

For round 2, I found the Chatot article to be my favourite. The opening description about what makes a “gimmick” Pokémon, is the most clarifying. There is plenty of coherent detail which describes what features are needed to be considered a gimmick, and what type of gimmick Pokémon are around. He/she even gave a few examples. Another part I found fascinating is the zoological side. When you read an in depth piece about a single Pokémon, you expect to find out everything to do with it, including its origins. In this part they really show off the effort they have made when researching the Pokémon. The battle paragraph is great too, going into a lot of depth with its signature move. Overall I felt that the article was well put together with all parts fully analysed, and structured well.

My second choice was tough but I finally decided upon the person who did article #7 in round 1, and the Deerling/Sawsbuck piece in round 2. Out of all the entries, I found he had the most consistency with his grammar, and punctuation. His first submission is very clear, well written, and interesting to read. It was missing a bit of flair; however he did attain a certain level of professionalism which I felt others could have used more of. For the Deerling/Sawsbuck “Focus On”, I once again found it to be highly professional, and one of the more in depth pieces. He went into a comprehensive amount of detail when it came to the aesthetics of the design, and its competitive value. Though I feel there is still a slight lack of personality about his writing style, he still manages to get his opinions across, and he is still in my opinion the strongest grammatical contender.

Well this is it… I would like to thank everyone who has supported me these past few weeks, I would also like to thank PJ, Ozy, Dae, Kriffix and NL for not only giving me this opportunity, but for also believing in my potential. I have loved every minute, and I hope this could be the start of a true love story *Dirty Dancing theme plays*… Hang on a minute, stop the music! I can’t end on that cringe inducing line. Cue the Pokémon theme!

(dun dun DUN)

I wanna be a journalist (DUN dun dun)

Like lots of people are (DUN dun DUN dun)

The top 3 is my real test

But writing is my cause

I will practice all day and night (DUN dun dun)

To perfect my grammar skills (DUN dun DUN dun)

So each of you understand

The potential I possess

POKÉJUNGLE! Gotta write for you

I’d Cherrim the chance to show what I can do

POKÉJUNGLE! Take a chance(y) on me

I’ll prove my worth, you will see

POKÉJUNGLE! Gotta write for you

A site so green, joining you is the ultimate dream

Please choose me for your top 3

POKÉJUNGLE! Gotta write for you.

Actually that was probably worse…

-Sam Peace

Focus On: Castform

18 Jan


Today’s Castform predicts a Rattata of rain in the morning followed by a short Bellossom in the afternoon; however it’ll soon turn Thundurus in the evening with a Vigoroth storm overnight. This pun filled Trubbish was brought to you by the Weather Institute.

As some of you may have fathomed from my wonderfully bad intro, today’s “Focus on” is about our unique friend. He has a stylish quiff and absurdly large family jewels. That’s right I can only mean one Pokémon, Castform!

Basic Info:

This cloud inspired puff made its debut in the 3rd generation of Pokémon video games (R/S/E).

Its name derives from the words “Forecast” and “Transform” (the latter I will talk about shortly). It is one of a few “artificial” Pokémon in existence. It was made solely for weather predictions by the Weather Institute in Hoenn, and to help with their ongoing research. Despite the fact it was manmade, Castform can be either a male or a female (I’ll refer to Castform as a “he” for the sake of ease). Also, weirdly enough it can breed which would surely create a religious outrage across the planet (if Pokémon had religions). But back on topic, here are some other quick facts:

Japanese Name: Powarun/Powalen.

Type: Normal.

Height: 1’00”/0.3m.

Weight: 1.8lbs/0.8kg.

Gender Ratio: 50/50.

National Dex Number: 351.

Ability: Forecast.

What makes it unique?

All Pokémon are unique, however Castform’s ability really stands out. You could say that he doesn’t just predict the weather, but he IS the weather. Yes I didn’t just make that up Pokémon really has become that crazy, and it’s no longer just creatures on steroids. The aptly named “Forecast” ability allows him to “transform” into a type based on the current weather. So if it’s sunny, he’ll turn into a fire type. If it’s raining, he’ll turn into a water type, and if it’s hailing, he’ll turn into an ice type. However he doesn’t change form/type for when Sandstorm, Shadow Sky, or Fog are in effect. Also all his weaknesses change if he becomes a different type so bare that in mind. Although he may seem a bit too similar to Ditto with the whole transformation gimmick, trust me when I say he is no clone. With this transformation he not only changes his typing and appearance to represent the current weather (changes design to sun/raindrop/storm cloud), but it also changes the effect of his signature attack…

Battle Uses:

This little stress ball may look harmless but don’t be fooled. The very reason (in fact it’s probably the only reason) you would want to use this Pokémon in battle is due to its diverse and equally devastating attack named “Weather Ball”. Now to begin with, this attack is nothing special. However if one of the weather effects are in play then the opponent on the receiving end is going to be in a world of pain. This move starts off as a normal type move with 100% accuracy, 10pp, and only 50 base power. However due to Castform being a normal type; he will also receive STAB (same-type attack bonus) so the damage is increased to 75. This isn’t very impressive, but if a weather condition is in effect then the move will change type to match the weather (just like Castform), but it will also double in power! So the base power would be 100 and with the possibility of STAB being added (as Castform will probably be the same type unless Sandstorm/Shadow Sky is in play), the power could rise to an eye watering 150! That’s not only stronger than a Fire Blast but the move also retains its 100% accuracy, and 10pp. This makes it all very exciting, unfortunately though that’s where the good stuff ends. The major problem is that Castform’s stats are quite poor overall. He doesn’t excel at anything, and even though both his attacks and both his defences aren’t bad, they’re still not great. Also he’s pretty slow. Here are his base stats:

HP: 70

Attack: 70

Defence: 70

Sp. Attack: 70

Sp. Defence: 70

Speed: 70

Another problem for Castform is that for Weather Ball to be truly effective there needs to be a weather effect in play. This usually requires a move such as Rain Dance or Sunny Day to be used first (unless you’re in one of a few areas where weather is active outside of battle). This means that it’s unlikely Castform will be able to defeat a Pokémon in 1 turn, and it will probably leave him vulnerable to at least one or two attacks. But if you’re lucky enough to survive or another Pokémon uses a weather effect, then Castform could become a worthy foe, and a force to be reckoned with. Especially if used well in conjunction with a useful item, and nature. The versatility in its move pool is one of its core strengths. Being able to change type enables it to use a big variety of attacks. You could max out its power by using moves such as Blizzard, and Thunder or you could be more strategic (basically annoy the opponent as much as possible), by using moves such as Thunder Wave or Toxic. Also don’t underestimate egg moves. In the right (or wrong) hands, this cute weather predicting blob could become quite menacing. But if I’m brutally honest, I don’t think he’s cut out for competitive play. I mean just look at him he’s too innocent looking, though having said that there’s something about him I don’t trust…

Major Roles:

Since its birth in 2002 (Japan), Castform hasn’t had many major appearances. In game you were given one as a gift for saving the Weather Institute from Team Magma/Aqua. In the anime it was the main focus for the episode “Unfair Weather Friends”, where Team Aqua tried to steal data about the legendary Pokémon Kyogre. Other than that, it has only appeared as a cameo in a couple of other episodes. On the manga side of things, main character “Ruby” of the Pokémon Adventures series was given a female Castform named “Popo”. She was previously owned by Mr. Stone who is the president of the Devon Corporation in Rustboro City in Hoenn, and father or Hoenn Champion Steven Stone. Unfortunately he was injured in an attack by Team Aqua so he gave her to reporters “Gabby” and “Ty” (also known as “Maryann” and “Tyler” in the Chuang Yi translation) to look after. From there she travelled around with them for a bit but soon became lonely, therefore after the battle between Ruby, and his Dad Norman at the Weather Institute, Gabby & Ty decided to give him Popo. Ruby went on to enter Popo in the “Smart” Pokémon Contests throughout Hoenn.

Interesting Facts:

  • Castform is the only Pokémon who can learn both “Ember” and “Water Gun”, as well as Ember and “Powder Snow”.
  • He is also the only Pokémon who by levelling up can learn both “Fire Blast” and “Hydro Pump”, as well as Fire Blast and “Blizzard”.
  • He’s the only Pokémon who has the dual egg group “Fairy” and “Amorphous”.
  • He’s the only Pokémon to always get STAB on Weather Ball (unless Sandstorm or Shadow Sky is in effect or he loses his ability).
  • His Ice form is the first “pure” ice type Pokémon in the National Dex.
  • Castform is the lightest Normal type Pokémon.

Thanks to Bulbapedia for these interesting facts.

So there you have it, as much as you could possibly want to know about this deformed marshmallow. What are your thoughts on him? Do you find him cute or crude? Would you let him shine in your team or let him become a tear of despair? Would you ever want to see new forms or an evolution? Leave your comments below.

P.S. Does this orange guy remind you of him?

-Sam Peace

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