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A New Journey: College

18 Jan


As the lone adventurer departed his transportation, he calmly walks a few paces before coming face to face with a street known as New Rd. The irony of this path reflects the beginning of our protagonist’s new journey. He takes his first strides towards land unknown to him with his only aim being: reach City College. His feet are greeted with lightly coloured bricks while the surrounding is filled with gleefully unique restaurants reminiscent of a foreign holiday. The vibrant setting is short lived however, due to the upcoming London-esque style of Jubilee St. This new passage is full of posh buildings made mostly of glass and black tiling. It’s the complete opposite to the experience just moments ago. Not stopping our traveller continues, soon a new route appears – Kensington St. A run down back alley with graffiti splashed over degraded buildings. It was an intimidating sight not suited for a night walker, thankfully though it was day.

Stepping onto the last road the explorer notices a towering sight in the distance; the destination is awaiting his arrival. Sydney Street is the last avenue; the last taste of freedom before the quest truly begins. Crammed full of quirky 20th century boutiques, there are plenty of useful items available for purchase. But already fully prepared, the trekker marches towards the end of this short expedition. Arriving at the entrance he gazes upon the brick structure in front of him. Peering into the opening he takes a deep breath, and enters. What challenges lie within?

-Sam Peace

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